A public library for the world in the world’s mother tongues

 In searching for books written in Nepali, I found books from all over the world. In a project to research the use of digital material with kids and their teachers and librarians comes the creation of the International Children’s Digital Library. The project comes from University of Maryland and the Institute for Museum and Library Services. The goal of the collection is to provide access for children and their families – wherever they live – to books about their culture in their mother tongue. You can read 4,418 books in 54 languages as of today. So far, Nepali isn’t included, but you can find books in Kinyarwanda submitted by the Rwandan publisher, Bakame, and books in Maori from Huia Publishers in New Zealand. Some books are bilingual with an English translation and lots are in English awaiting translation to other languages. You can find books by country or by language, and it’s free.

Ubucuti bw’imbeba n’inzouvu,
a Rwandan folktale about an elephant
and a mouse retold by John Kilaka.
You can read it on-line.
Originally posted by on April 27, 2010.

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