Yellow Garlands and Preeti Files

Selling Fruit and Garlands for the Diwali Festival by John Pavelka/Creative Commons
Narad Adhikari listened to the storyteller Hari Tiwari on tape as she told The Story of a Pumpkin, the story we selected in our Bhutanese-Nepali folktale project. He read the tale interpreted into English by Nilhari Bandari, which I had transcribed. Then he composed the story in Nepali script. So now we have the text of our bilingual folktale.
In addition to that, Narad gave us two gifts. The first was pretty simple. He give us a preeti font file so we could view the Nepali script. Still trying to figure the preeti file out on my MAC, but I will. Here’s the big thing he gave us. He added these lines to the end of the story, saying that in Bhutan parents often end a story this way, even singing it to coax a child into sleep. They close the story by singing, “And If you listen to a story you will get a golden garland.” I googled garlands in Nepal and found the photo above. Garlands of marigolds are a traditional part of Nepali festivals. Thank you, Narad.
Originally posted by on September 16, 2011.


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