Pumpkin Party

New Hampshire Humaniities Council Folktale Festival celebrating THE STORY OF A PUMPKIN photo by Deb Cram

We celebrated the publication of THE STORY OF A PUMPKIN, a folktale in Nepali and English at our Folktale Festival on Friday night. Hari Tiwari told the story in Nepali and Jo Radner told the story in English to a crowd of about 250 people, and then we danced! People from a real mix of cultures came to celebrate: French Canadian, African, Yankee,  Indian,  Scots and Irish, and Bhutanese. We presented garlands of yellow flowers to all the creators & contributors of this book. The  book ends the way all stories in Bhutan end: “The teller of this tale shall receive a flower garland and the listener shall receive a golden one.” In this photo children are making garlands and hair pieces. By the end of the evening nearly everyone was decorated with flowers.

If you are reading this from Nepal,  welcome. We will post lots more photos of the celebration for you to see. THE STORY OF A PUMPKIN  is distributed by The University Press of New England. In September, you will be able to order copies from UPNE  at your local bookstore and on Amazon.


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