The Story of a Pumpkin is a traditional tale from Bhutan retold by Hari Tiwari. She told the story in Laconia, New Hampshire, remembering the tale from the time she was a small child in rural Bhutan. Illustrations are by Dal Rai.

Initiated by the New Hampshire Humanities Council literacy program Connections, the Bhutanese Nepali Folktale Project works with Bhutanese storytellers, artists, interpreters, transcribers, and the Bhutanese Community of New Hampshire to record folktales in the state’s growing Bhutanese communities.

 We hope to promote family literacy, preserve a traditional tale, and spotlight the talents and oral traditions of Bhutanese-American elders. As Tika Acharya writes in the books preface: “Our elders will read this story and remember their young lives and imagine returning to their homes. Our young people will ask many questions about how life used to be in Bhutan when parents and grandparents told folk stories to the children. We hope it enriches and supports the lives of ethnic Nepali Bhutanese people in their new home.”